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The clinic this past Friday and Saturday was one of the best have spoken at in years. It was so uplifting to see a group of coaches so eager to learn and share. They asked great questions. I think the parents and children of Wisconsin are very lucky to have the caliber of professionals that I saw and interacted with this past weekend working with their children. I think what struck was the number of coaches that were actually teachers, in so many other states there are more and more “walk on” coaches. By “walk on” I mean coaches not employed as teachers, but who come to coach after school to coach. That is what I do art Venice High School with volleyball and I know having been a teacher that it is just not the same. I think that there is a real advantage for the coach being able to be around the school all day and actually have the athletes in the classroom as students. It presents a bigger picture to the coach and the athlete. This is such an important age for the development off the athlete, not just athletically but cognitively and emotionally. If you ever get a chance to go to this clinic it is well worth it. I am going to go back again even if I am not speaking.


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I was at your sessions last year at MITCA. They were eye-opening. I've since contributed regularly to your retirement. Not having attended the WI one, did you see a big difference in the WI and MI clinics?



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