I sure do respect all of you that live in cold weather. I am in Milwaukee to speak at the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association, it is 11 degrees right now with a whole bunch of snow on the ground. I will never complain again when my wife wants me to rake leaves in 75 degree weather, sure beats shoveling snow. It also explains all those Wisconsin license plates in Sarasota. Seriously I am looking forward to the clinic, there are over 1,000 coaches in attendance. Hope to keep them some practical ideas appropriate for high school boys and girls.


At 2/16/08, 10:41 PM, Blogger schhulk said...

Vern, You can be assured that you have reached many of the coaches present and left a lasting impression with us. I was fortunate enough to attend all of your sessions and received great information that was at our level of instruction. Wisconsin Track and Field is going to be better because of the practical ideas you gave us. Looking forward to implementing many of the concepts and drills we were shown. Also, I have enjoyed reading your blog and continue to look forward to your postings. You're lucky to be leaving the state today as tomorrow (Sunday) we are expecting another snow shower of up to 10 inches. Thanks for being at our clinic.


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