How often have you heard the statement: “I tried that and it did not work” or the other classic,” that will not work here.” How often are you limited by your experience? What do you do with your experiences? Aldus Huxley said: “Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens.” In my career I have been around too many people who have had 30 years of experience, when in reality they have had one experience thirty times. Each situation, in fact each new day is an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to gain new experiences. Just because something did not work before does not mean it will not work now under a new set of circumstances. Use past experiences as a springboard for growth. The beauty of coaching is that we are change agents. Our job is to constantly force change and adaptation in the people we work with, but sometimes I think we forget that we must change and adapt to foster continued growth.


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