Steve Nash

This guy is not a one trick pony. Read the article in today’s New York Times Sports page. During the summer he plays soccer. He plays on different recreation league teams in New York.

Nash spends most of the year running the point for the Phoenix Suns, but in the off-season, he can be found playing soccer in rec leagues in New York. “It’s better for me than just running lines,” he said. “I don’t want to play a lot of basketball until September’s over or I’ll burn myself out. I just shoot, work out and play soccer.”

I think there is a real message here that reinforces what many of us have been preaching; it is about having a base of athleticism and movement skills. He grew up in Victoria, Canada playing a wide array of sports. He probably played more soccer than basketball in his youth. His brother is a National team player for Canada. When I first saw Steve Nash he was a junior in high school at a private school in Victoria. I was the conditioning coach for the Canadian National Basketball team at the time. Ken Shields, the head coach invited him over to an evening practice and scrimmage with the National team at Mount Douglas high school. He was not as tall and physically mature as he is now but clearly you could see the potential and the athleticism. From then on he polished and honed his basketball skills, but never forgot the athletic base. In testing during my time with the Canadian team, through 1994 he was by far the fittest player as measured on the Leger Beep test. Today it is cool to want to be like Steve, but I am not sure everyone understands what he has done to get to where he is today.


At 8/10/07, 10:12 AM, Anonymous tlanger said...


It's interesting, because Nash also speaks very highly of the NASM sports performance team (they work w/ the Phoenix Suns). I’ve read articles that describe how they isolate each segment of his kinetic chain and then “rebuild” him into total body movement patterns. I’ve often wondered if his shear athleticism is at work and any form of corrective exercise would be effective….

P.S. Off topic – I would have loved to see him in his prime playing in a less watered down league and against the likes of MJ, Magic, Isaiah, Bird, etc.

Todd Langer

At 8/10/07, 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I really enjoy this blog. I have coached a variety of sports (fb,track)for 25 years from middle school to college, boys, girls, men and women. I always thought our most well rounded kids accomplish more if they were lucky enough to go on to the next level. This is yet another example of a professional that did not specialize to early and still understands the value of other sports in helping him be at his best. Keep trying to get that message out there!

Glen Graham
HFC Clevland Hill HS
Buffalo NY

At 8/10/07, 1:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what Steve Nash's workouts look like since he is also playing soccer?

Jonathan Hewitt ATC

At 8/11/07, 1:28 AM, Blogger Paul C. said...

Thank you so much for the Nash piece. I am a HUGE basketball fan from Boston, although I'll admit Nash has been my favorite player for years. Keep up the GREAT work Vern. All the best,

-Paul J. Connolly, NSCA-CPT


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