What we have going is a classic communication issue. You are not reading what I am writing and you are not hearing what I am saying. I am embarrassed by some of the verbal barbs that have been passed back and forth the past few days. Let’s suffice to say that this must end. I will not tolerate the personal attacks that have been appearing. Be professional and responsible in your comments. I am going to weigh in with a comment that I hope ends it all. Drug use in sport is cheating. Cheating should not be tolerated. Major sports organizations have turned a blind to cheating because without drugs it would not be the same show and it would hurt the bottom line. The end!


At 8/10/07, 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheating is cheating.

Touchy subject; but debate should take it to another blog.

That is my two cents, because that is all I can afford in my bank account. :)

At 8/10/07, 10:23 AM, Anonymous tlanger said...


Btw it'll be interesting when someday the investigation leads to colleges; really, when I went to school A LOT of division 1A football players were juicing. A few of them were transfers from big-time programs and they told me that it paled into comparison to what the Top-25 type schools were completely ignoring. What’s even scarier is that a few of them went pro and came back the next year for a visit and were HUGE…so, they were on drugs in college…went pro…came back even bigger…sure seems like there are a lot of layers to the problem…even worse, my wife is a teacher and apparently a lot of high-school athletes are on drugs now too!

It’s cheating and also a problem the effects more than sports. It’s got to end somewhere….

Todd Langer


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