Entitlement or Paying Your Dues

This post might be more appropriate for two old broken down coaches sitting on the front porch of a rest home talking about the good old days, but here goes: You just being there and putting in the time are not enough. Good enough is not good enough if you want to be the best. To be the best at what you do requires more that saying you are the best. You must pay you dues. Earn respect. Continue to learn. Never be satisfied. I must admit I am baffled by a lot of what I see I see today in the younger generations, especially generation Y and X. For some reason these generations seem to have a sense of entitlement. I have heard too many thirty something coaches complaining about the long hours and low pay, the time they must put in the off season, in short all things that are part of earning your way. Wake up guys and gals pay your dues. Show your worth. Do not let other people define your jobs, you define them. Do the job better than anyone else. Prove your worth and then and only then will you get rewarded both professionally and financially. I asked someone the other day why he deserved a pay raise when the team is terrible and underachieving, there are too many injuries. I asked him what he had done to make the team better? The response was it is not my fault, then whose is it? It is simple if it is to be it is up to me, my fate is in my hands where it should be. Get up, get out, get going seize the opportunity and prove your worth and then the rewards will come.


At 8/12/07, 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You use the example of the 'thirty something' age group complaining but I hear it from every age group.

Seems it should be less about age catagory and more of a focus on quality experience. There are quite a few younger coaches out there who have a lot of quality experience and there are plenty of older coaches (been around for over 10 years) who are horrible.

Does this mean that the older coaches have 'paid their dues'? Not sure I believe so.

Vern would love to get even more clarity on your opinion!


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