High Tech - High Touch

I was sent an article from the Sydney Australia newspaper about the Sydney Swans visit to the highly secret AC Milan High Tech training center. They were visiting the center because AC Milan has no soft tissue injuries over the past two years. Is there really a secret here or is that they have paid attention to basics and made sure the players comply? In nine years with the White Sox minor league system we only had five hamstring pulls and six groin pulls! The secret was a high touch approach; doing basic work everyday and ensuring it was done with intensity, concentration and effort.


At 9/4/06, 12:05 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Why does this sound silly to me. I imagine it looking like the bat cave from the Batman TV series from the 60's. Some Italian guy doing the Watusi in a cape. Give me the not so secrest VG Sarasota Training Center. Like the Who said, We won't get fooled again.


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