Time - Friend or Foe

This is the opening verse and the refrain from one my favorite songs by the Pozo Seco singers.

Some people run, some people crawl
Some people don`t even move at all
Some roads lead forward
Some roads lead back
Some roads are bathed in light
Some wrapped in fearful black

Time, oh, time
Where did you go
Time, oh, good, good time
Where did you go

I heard this the other day on the radio and it made think about time. In the context of training and rehab nothing could be more true. Training and the subsequent adaptation to training take time. Time is there so use it. There are two major mistakes that we all make with time:

1) We try to do too much too soon. Progression is forgotten and we put the athlete on a fast track. This is often a fast track to injury. Make time your friend not your enemy. Understand that there are fast adapters and slow adapter and that they all cannot train the same.

2) We cram too much in too short a time frame. Think fourteen days instead of seven. I know the earth was created in seven but athletes are created in fourteen. Along with that get away from the typical 6:1 training to rest ratio, put the rest where you need it, not where it is convenient. For example we put a recovery this week on Wednesday. It was great, very positive on Thursday and Friday’s training.

One of the best axioms that I have heard in regard to using time, is to do a little bit more often!


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