I have lived by the motto that simplicity yields complexity for a long time. I am continually amazed by how people try to make things complicated. When you think of the human body and it’s potential for movement it is complex enough without trying to make it more complicated. I was watching a golf conditioning guy work yesterday and I felt sorry for the golfer. Forget all the jargon that was confusing, he was making it so complicated that Tiger Woods would not have been able to do it. I believe that we must simplify, not complicate. Think of the essentials of movement and what buttons that need to be pushed to trigger those movements.

If you take a step back and break movements into some basic patterns then it is very simple to see if the individual is efficient in those patterns, if they are not to see why and where they are not and then to construct a program that enhances those movements.

Use one movement to set up another movement. Use one workout to set up another workout. Think about how to build relationships. Remember strength training is no more than pulling, pushing, squatting and rotating. Speed development is no more that extending and bending and force application against the ground. Even simpler that it can all be summarized in the performance paradigm, it is the interplay between force reduction, force production and proprioception to lend quality to the movement.


At 9/1/06, 10:13 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Making simple out of complex is the mark of a good strength coach! The body can be amazingly complex, but amazingly simple at the same time. The strength coach that can understand the complexity of human movement and develop simple movement patterns to develop it will be the successfull coach.

Paul LaDuke, MSS, CSCS, ATC
Lower Dauphin School District
Hummelstown, PA

At 9/1/06, 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the person standing in front of you in line at McDonald's can not understand the point that you are trying to make then you are likely making things too complicated.


At 9/1/06, 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learn the complex,develop the simple to understand the complex so I can teach it to the person in line at the 711.
I spent the last three years trying to understand that, it was summed up in 5 seconds. thank you.

At 9/1/06, 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just to add to my above comment really it took me many years to understand that theroy, but seeing it throught someone elses eyes helped turn on the light bulb.


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