Drawing In

Since I addressed the knee myth, why not open the “Drawing In” can of worms. When I saw this picture of the Kayaker on the BBC Sports website this morning I could not help but think of core stabilization and the so called ”drawing in” maneuver to activate the Transverse Abdominis and Internal Oblique. Do you actually think that this Kayaker could or would possibly have time to do that? To stay upright and on course he braced against the paddle in the water to activate whatever muscles were necessary to get the job done. The TA and IA could not do the job to keep him upright by themselves. They need a ton of help. Let’s put this ridiculous idea to rest. Core training is about putting the body in as many different positions to activate the different muscles of the core so that they can work synergistically to solve whatever movement problem they are presented.


At 8/25/06, 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if the folks that come up with concepts like "drawing in" really ever got off the bench and played the game.


At 8/25/06, 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like" don't yell at the lights to turn on, learn how to find the switch.

At 8/28/06, 5:51 PM, Anonymous Will Kirousis said...

Funny. I was watching my 3 year old neice do cartwheels for the family (very proud of herself)... I hope she drew in to protect herself :).

It is interesting. To often we use the "religion" of science to outthink ourselves. KIS.

Glad you keep people thinking about this stuff Vern.

Keep at it!


At 8/30/06, 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "religion of science" mentality you mentioned has a nifty word associated with it: scientism.

I agree. I enjoy science and technology, but I don't view it as our saviour.


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