Sport Appropriate?

What do both of these have to do with football? High knee action is not rewarded in the game. People who run with high knees are easy to knock off their feet. A Physioball on a Football Field- what would Vince Lombardi have said about this one? Play on your feet, practice on your feet!


At 8/21/06, 10:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in a rural area I sometimes wonder if kids are not forced to specialize more or do sports that conflict with training needs. Many schools in my area have 2 Fall sports - golf and cross country and some are now getting soccer going. I use to encourage hoopsters to run cross country versus not doing anything in the Fall but I wonder now if that is a bad idea, especially if they hope to excel in hoops later on. Now I think about all cross country does is teach them how to run 3.1 miles in 20 minutes - not something that is very sport appropriate for hoops. Any comments on the best sports combinations and worst combinations for junior high and high school kids?

At 8/22/06, 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

old school vs new school- great topic on ESPN radio this morning. old vs new means nothing to me. bascilly take what is usefull reject what is useless. Bruce Lee. SB on a football feild useless. SB for an office worker that sits all day usefull.

Take away the ball and it looks like he's falling. Hopefully it's in the End Zone.


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