Way Out Knees

Go to www.ironmaven.blogspot.com for Tracy Fobers post on the whole knee thing. Great pictures!


At 8/23/06, 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have visited Tracy blog and I have to say CPT's need more role modles like her. I just don't see enough women promoting exercise the way she does.

At 8/25/06, 9:54 PM, Anonymous BryanMcC said...

Vern & Tracy,

great info on the squat...you two are really making me rethink many of the common methods that are taught. i have a question i was hoping you may have time to address: The athlete in tracy's squat mediabook appears to have great form, and doesnt have the common "tuck" in his low back like many athletes do (as they drop close to parallel, their lumbar spine flexes and leaves the neutral position.) I have read that lack of hamstring flexibility is the culprit, do you agree? do you have any recommendations for correcting besides just improving hamstring flexibility or squatting to work through it?




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