A Serious Question

What is a functional trainer or a functional therapist? Does that mean there are non functional and dysfunctional trainers and therapists?


At 9/2/06, 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one gets me going. Who came up with this title?? I read and listen to lots of world renowned "Functional Strength Coach's", guru's, trainers & PT's.. I just read an article were a Functional S&C Coach stated

"Strength and conditioning coaches are being talked down to by PTs who've never done the job and don't really understand. The key is to learn from the PTs without letting them dictate your programming. The knowledge is excellent, but the application can be a bit sketchy. A guy who can't lunge has no business doing multi-planar lunges".

So as a CPT I should not let a Functional S.& C. coach dicate my program towards my everyday people? but when and athlete walks through the door apply something different?

"A guy who can't lunge has no business doing a multi-planar lunge" so he should not get in and out of his car?
A bit extreme, but so are their athletes.

I use this Functional coach as model because lots of CPT's listen and apply his and his colleagues method's of Function to "everyday people/athletes.


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