I have received quite a few inquires regarding certification. I do not and will not offer a certification. There are already too many certifications . Another certification will only confuse and muddle an already confused field. I will offer a Mentorship program that will be an in depth educational experience. It will offer a bend of hands experience and in depth theory. Tentatively it is planned to last at least five days. It will require a significant time and monetary commitment. There will be required pre readings and assignments. I am still working on it and hope to have it ready to go in early 2006possibly late this year if I can get my act together.The goal is to help define the fieldof athletic development and significantly improve the the level of education of the people who attend.


At 9/8/06, 8:30 AM, Anonymous Will Kirousis said...

Good for you Vern. With so many certifications out there it waters down the sense of value in all of them to the general person. At least that is my take. Add to that, that most are so method specific and it takes away from ones skill set in my mind.


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