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These are three real outstanding books on coaching. There are very good insights into coaching regardless off the sport. I am a big fan of reading coaches and athlete’s profiles and biographies. I think that you can learn much about training, what to do and more importantly what not to do. Clive Woodward, was the coach of the English Rugby team that won the 2003 World Cup. His approach was very innovative. He brought organizational ideas from the business world and training ideas from many other sports. Arsene Wenger, the Manage of Arsenal, revolutionized English football with his tactical and technical approach to the sport, but most importantly with his emphasis on conditioning and nutrition. Jose’ Mourinho has gained fame as the manger of Chelsea in the English Premier League. He is the consummate professional coach. He is trained in sports science and his coaching reflects that. The following are quotes from each book:

“Jose’ Mourinho is a coach who develops constantly. His ideas, training methodology and concept of play are systematically analysed and studied, and are constantly evolving. He has progressed in such a way that he clearly states that he is not the same coach today as was at practice two years ago. The end of every season is a landmark, and he invariably spends the holidays studying and preparing for the future. No matter how good the previous season, there are always changes to be made for the next one – nothing stays the same.” Page 181

From Wenger: “Like an athletics coach, he ran things by the stopwatch. He reduced the number of distance runs, and replaced them with intense timed runs and bleep tests. There was specific running work says Platt. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. It was just very organized and very detailed.” Page 223

From Woodward: “Over the years, I’ve encountered many different versions of inherited thinking, or tradition as some call it, in business, sport and government. The symptoms are always the same: blind faith in the ‘way,’ nepotism to protect the institution, a culture that heavily discourages, even punishes, any questioning of authority, and where change is anathema.” Page 38


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