Drugs in Baseball

I continue to be amazed! There was an article about Rafael Palmeiro in the Sunday November 13, NY Times sports page that leads me to believe that people in baseball are either incredibly naive or very ignorant. The team doctors and the training staffs for the two teams that he spent the majority of his seventeen year major league career with “told the committee that Palmeiro did not have the body type of a steroids user.” That statement sums it up. What is the body type of a steroid user? That is one of the reasons that drug use was epidemic in baseball starting in the mid nineties and continuing to today. I am wondering if they really want to catch the users. You do not have to bulk up to gain the benefits of steroid or the various other anabolic agents. The other pervasive myth is that they do not help pitchers. They can help pitchers more than hitters. They aid recovery and enhance the ability to do work, what more could a pitcher want? Wake up. Why do you think there has been such a dramtic increase in elbow injuries? It is sad to see the public spectacle that has been made of this. If they are caught ban them for two years. Ban the doctors, personal trainers, strength coaches and trainers who aided and abetted this mess. If you are around steroid users you will know sooner if not later.


At 11/15/05, 9:57 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Awesome point Vern! The big thing today seems to be using Anabolic Steroids for the anti-catabolic effect rather than for the anabolic effect. Weightlifters who need to stay in a certain weight class have used this technique for decades.


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