Amazing - Where are we going?

This is the copy of the portiona of an email forwarded to me.
Do we really need this? Unfortunately this is where the field id going!
"We are doing a lot of adductor and abductor work herewhile squatting and leg pressing. Could you make a pillow like device witha bio feedback "tone" embedded to emit a certain tone at a certain level ofpressure in order to keep our people firing their adductors? Also, the samedevice embedded in a belt that would go around the thighs and or uppercalves in order to keep them firing their abductors. The pillow could evenbe hour glass shaped in order to stay between the legs. The belt could belike a seat belt or like a double velcro deal that is quick on and quick offwith a detachable strain gauge "toner" that could go from belt to belt."
I really hope this was a joke, but I don't think it was!


At 11/4/05, 1:48 PM, Blogger goalieman said...

Use mini bands, and keep tension on them! Do one of Vern's mini band modules and you won't have to worry about wheather the muscles are firing or not. A force meter will tell you nothing about an athletes potential/drive/ability to improve performance. Which sport/event are you training for? We can spend way too much money on high tech deivces that don't tell us anything.


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