Real Coaching

Yesterday I wrote about pinball coaching, which really is not coaching. Real coaching is quite different. There is a well defined plan that everyone involved has participated in formulating. The plan is long term, that year and even a career. There is a detailed daily plan that is thoroughly executed and objectively evaluated in the context of the big picture. The daily plan includes contingency plans if for some reason the plan must be altered. Competitions are carefully selected a) to fit the level of athlete b) To simulate championship conditions. The daily workout considers the following: weather, proximity to competition, previous workouts and future workouts. Training incorporated schedules regeneration and physical therapies.
Real coaching considers the individual. Each individual is evaluated. Their strengths and weaknesses are carefully considered. Their training history and performance history is factored in. Their psychological makeup is considered. Their recoverability is taken into consideration.
All of this in many respects is common sense, but this is real coaching. This coaching produces consistent results. Everyone has a chance to get better and that is all we as coaches can guarantee.


At 11/10/05, 7:42 AM, Blogger jczyrka said...

I agree. My daughter is on a swim team in Michigan. At 10 she is in
the upper level training group.

The problem is they do long workouts, but the coaches never seem to
provide any correction with their techniques.

They would learn faster with shorter more intense work outs with more attention paid to correcting their techniques.


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