I do not know where I got this, but I think it is very thought provoking.
Seven Levels of Change
Level 1
Effectiveness – doing the right thing
Level 2
Efficiency – Doing things right
Level 3
Improving – Doing the right things better
Level 4
Cutting – Doing away with unessential things
Level 5
Copying – Doing things well that other successful people are doing
Level 6
Different – Doing things no one else is doing
Level 7
Impossible – Doing things that can’t be done


At 10/31/05, 8:14 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

A lot of time could be saved at level 4. Doing things just because others do it. For instance, "therapeutic" ultrasound. It ties up the practictioner's hands- yet studies are coming forth proving it doesn't work, and never did (yet insurance companies still pay for it). That's just one example. There are many others out there.


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