Certification or Education

It really should not be an either or proposition but that seems to be the way that it is. There is such a premium now put on certification that I think we are losing sight of the educational component. There is no substitute for in depth practical learning experiences. The plethora of online courses and so called ”distance learning “ programs make me very nervous. I am increasing running into people with more letters after their name that some Nobel laureates who no nothing more that a litany of facts taken out of context. I guess that is why I am partial to the USA Track & Field Coaching program. It is an education program that leads to certification. It requires attendance at courses and real work. I attended the Level II Jumps school this past summer and it was a tremendous learning experience. Oh by the way you get certified if you pass!


At 11/4/05, 12:51 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

What? Does this mean we'll never see "Gambetta Level 1 practitioner" certification, or "Gambetta Core Master Specialist" certification? (Don't laugh too hard, there are similar certifications out there.)...and no stupid expensive devices to measure the angle between your ear lobe and your sphictor? Dammit, I had my credit card all ready.


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