Crash Programs

Training adaptations take time. Three to six week crash programs generally are a waste of time. Crash programs can give some short term results, but you usually end up paying the piper later on. There is no substitute for a well planned long term program that has a balance of all training components distributed throughout the training phases. Balance of the training components and time yield the best and longest lasting results. Unfortunately marketing and hype lead people to believe otherwise. Crash programs do just that, eventually they crash!


At 4/1/08, 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is one of the toughest thing to get across to coaches, parents and athletes alike. I see so many young players paying big bucks to run on someone's treadmill or do someone's sports boot camp for six weeks in a one size fits all program. No thought about context or long term development. As professionals we have a responsibility to educate and to provide quality long term development. Thanks for saying what needs to be said.

TIm Clark


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