To quote the famous line from Cool Hand Luke: “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” After reading some of the comments regarding posts from the last week I am a bit concerned that people are reading things into the posts that are not here. Read what I write, not what you think I write, there are no hidden meanings. I am focusing on thoughts, ideas and questions that arise from my work with athletes, questions people ask me or something stimulated from my research. I working hard to not lapse into personal attacks or criticism of training programs I have no experience with and I would hope that you would do the same. This blog is a labor of love for me, I enjoy sharing ideas and stimulating thought. I understand that are many roads to Rome, some are more direct; everyone is entitled to take their own path. If you are unsure of my philosophy or where I am coming from I direct you my web page so that you can understand the background and context of my ideas and thoughts. Learning, teaching and coaching are my passions. I have had the advantage and sometimes the disadvantage of doing this for a long time, I think that gives a perspective that many people new to this field do not have. When I talk about something like the term “core” it is with a historical context, understanding that this term originated with Gaijda and Dominguez in 1983, but it has still not been clearly defined since then. Frankly I think it is this perspective that is missing in the current generation. Most of the ideas that are currently popular and espoused as being new have been around for a very long time. I will end by saying again read what I write not what think I am writing.


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