“More is not enough”

In some ways this a corollary to the activity trap post of yesterday. For too many athletes and coaches more is not enough. Pushing to do more work is not the answer. I used to be like that, more is not enough and is definitely not better. A little bit more often is a better mantra. Be specific and directed with the training to achieve the stated objectives of the training. As my good friend Gary Winckler is fond of saying “Work capacity is not a Biomotor quality.” It is constant choice between: Want to do, Nice to do and Need to do. The majority of training should be in the need to do category. No fluff and extra exercises or garbage miles. Get down to the need to do and target that. What you want to do and what you can do often do not reconcile. There are many things I want to do with my girls volleyball team, but I am one coach with 22 players with limited time. Stay on target with a good plan and a means to evaluate the short term and long term effectiveness of the plan.


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