UNC Visit

I spent the day yesterday at University of North Carolina, one of my favorite places to visit, beautiful campus and great people. What a combination. Visited with Anson Dorrance who just the day before was named to the US Soccer Hall of Fame, Greg Gatz, Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports and Jonas Sahratian, the conditioning coach for men’s basketball. I was there on business to demonstrate and get their input on a monitoring system for a company I am consulting with, but after we sat around and talked shop. Great people, between Anson, Greg and Jonas I was in awe of the number of championship teams they have worked with. I am a big admirer of Anson Dorrance and what he has done at UNC, it was fun talking about sustained excellence with him yesterday. It is easy to talk about, which many people do, but to live it as he has done throughout his career is amazing. The intensity and commitment necessary is difficult to comprehend. The kind of sustained excellence they have achieved is not a chance occurrence. He is always looking for the edge. There are many factors for their continued success but I think one of the biggest is that players are held accountable. That is not very fashionable today, but it is something that is essential for success. It is always uplifting to be around the people that I visited yesterday. They got me fired up!


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