Super Bowl

Last night I made the mistake of watching the Super Bowl from start to finish, I had not done that for at least 25 years. Now I know why, somewhere stuck strategically between ads there was a game. If there was ever any doubt about professional sport as entertainment not sport this settled it for me. I will take soccer or rugby any day – nonstop action. One ad did catch me eye though, it was for the NFL fit kids. Quite ironic. The NFL needs to take a close look at its own fitness and health standards before passing that onto kids. I also learned that you need to eat bananas at half time to prevent cramping. Just a small tidbit of high tech sports medicine information from the NFL. I could not help but reflect the Rugby matches that I saw in Australia where the majority of the players played 80 minutes, never saw cramping. It would be fun to watch some of these NFL guys play 60 minutes. Randy Moss ran 75 yards on a pass pattern near the end of the game and he was gassed. They would need tons of bananas.


At 2/4/08, 3:40 PM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Hey Coach- Please don't give up on American football. We who get it appreciate your input. You bring up an interesting topic in the cramping issue. I'll agree it's more than hydration & potassium. There are probably neurological/circulatory/fitness issues involved. What's wrong with applying some Aussie or soccer strategies to the game? True, the status quo will probably reject it. But every year I manage to convert a few kids to the Gambetta method through some back door diplomacy. You would be surprised how contagious that can be.


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