The Universal Traveler – A Must Read

This book is not usually in the genre that is on a typical coach’s bookshelf, but it should be! I am not exactly how to describe this book. I just finished reading it for the second time. Some sections of the book I have read numerous times. The content is rich and stimulating. The perspective is unique and refreshing. I have found the content useful and applicable to my everyday work. I wish I would have had this book when I started teaching and coaching. It would have saved me a lot of false starts and mistakes. It is build around the analogy of traveling, hence the title “The Universal Traveler.” The authors Don Koberg and Jim Bagnall are emeritus professors of Architecture and Environmental Design, their background gives the book its unique perspective. This is an outstanding for planning, problem solving and creativity. This will be one of the required reading for my mentorship program.


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