Measureable or Functional

Are measurable and functional mutually exclusive? Is being able to see it, feel it, touch it, good enough or do I have to be able to measure it to prove it? Are performance improvements good enough? Isn’t that ultimately what coaching is about?


At 10/24/07, 9:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its all about performance improvements in real competition. Charles, NY

At 10/24/07, 1:55 PM, Anonymous Mark Crabtree said...

Depends who you are dealing with. I treat what I can see the same as data, I just don't have a method of quantifying what I see the same way as measuring sprint speed, vertical jump etc..

Many times I think the "quantifiable data" doesn't always show the real improvements athletes have made in their movement abilities.

Mark Crabtree MS,ATC,CSCS

Parents, coaches and athletes like to have quantifiable data, sometimes you need to justify the training by being able to show improvement in ways that others can also see and understand.

At 10/24/07, 7:36 PM, Blogger Dr Craig S. Duncan said...

Vern I agree with you but I also believe in testing to be able to quantify improvements. However it is impossible to quantify all improvements and there is always going to be a gap between testing and reality

At 10/30/07, 12:06 AM, Blogger Eric said...

This is an interesting post. It is also very educational following the why behind the training plans:



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