Where is the leading edge in sports performance? What really is cutting edge? Where does innovation in performance and training come from? Who drives innovation? Is the athlete, the coach or the scientist? Is innovation in athletic development high tech or high touch? These questions were prompted by reading I have been doing and some discussions with colleagues, I am interested in your opinions.


At 10/23/07, 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My response will not be earth shattering....

The innovations will come from coaches and be enhanced or guided by the scientists in a cycle pattern.

Innovation comes from passion and problem solving and is unselfish as the coach that is the most innovative is likely trying to do it for pure reasons.

At 10/23/07, 11:41 AM, Anonymous Mark Crabtree said...

Its a mix.

Technology such as digital motion analysis or the "myotest" can help by giving feedback to the coach and athlete as to progress, or where modifications in the plan need to be made.

Science can be reviewed by the coach to look for trends in research studies, but need to be evaluated carefully as to the result and how it was achieved. Sometimes ideas can be sparked that may help to modify existing training.

The real work gets done by the coach who uses all the above info while working with real athletes. Seeing how training improves them or has minimal effect. Talking with the athletes to get their feedback. Doesn't matter how much info you have from reading, or watching tape, if you've never put it to use training athletes. I like to read the studies, but I'd rather get impressions from those who are doing it. You can compare notes on what really works, or doesn't.

If the info doesn't come from a source working directly with athletes, I'm less interested in what they have to say.

Mark Crabtree MS,ATC,CSCS

At 10/23/07, 1:10 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

Competition drives innovation. Whether it is from the coach who wants to find the best way, an athlete who has the desire to be the best, or a scientist that notices a trend no one else does and wants to know how and why. Innovation is optimized when you have all 3 working in the same system inter-dependently.

At 10/23/07, 7:33 PM, Blogger Brian said...

By anyone who questions "why?" I write a newsletter and a couple people have replied to tell me that I am innovative. All I did id ask why basketball coaches teach things a certain way and who decided this way was correct. Most people don't know why they do something. However, things like static stretching as a warm-up become ritual and everyone does them. Whoever it is that stands up and asks why and is willing to question the common methods and force people to think is, in a way, innovative.

At 10/23/07, 9:22 PM, Blogger Dr Craig S. Duncan said...

The coach that listens to their players, other staff and can distinguish between fad and reality has the potential to be innovative. I think innovation comes from reflection and sometimes we just dont put the time into this process


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