Another Secret

The first secret I shared a couple of weeks ago to beating the drug testing system is to simply miss tests. You can manipulate the system to time your missed tests and not incur a penalty. The other secret is to find a friendly doctor, preferably an endocrinologist at an anti aging clinic or a doctor that will certify you as having asthma. You would be amazed as to the number of healthy twenty something athletes that “have” to go anti aging clinics. Get an unethical doctor on your side and you can bet the system! Folks the outlaws are ahead of the law.


At 10/23/07, 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I speak only for Olympic Athletes, but missing a test is the same as failing a test.


At 10/23/07, 6:52 PM, Blogger sportsmedguy23 said...

The same in the NCAA. A Missed Test = A Positive Test. That results in a loss of ONE year of Eligibility.



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