Visit with Peter Weyand - Rice University

Yesterday was able to meet with Dr. Peter Weyand of Rice University. It was really interesting getting to talk to him directly rather that depending on someone else’s interpretation of his ideas. After talking to him it was clear me that he and Ralph Mann were essentially saying the same thing in regard the importance of ground contact time. He also clarified his position on running technique modification; his opinion is that it can’t be significantly changed. I certainly understand where he is coming from, but I am not sure I agree. He made a couple of real key point regarding two myths that keep being passed around. First, the undue emphasis on dorsifelxion of the ankle, there is no basis in biomechanics for this. The ankle dorsiflexion occurs because of what happens at ground contact. Everything happened too fast to be able to think about this. Personally this was a vindication because I feel like I have a voice crying out in the dark on this one. Take home point on this one forget cueing all the stuff on dorsiflexion. The other one was in regard this idea of pawing. It does not occur; you can’t do it, so forget it. I am looking forward to further dialogue with Dr. Weyand. He is a very gracious individual, willing to share his ideas with coaches. This is the kind of sport scientist we need more of.


At 11/30/06, 1:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Vern,

I admire the steps you take, just go and talk with the person at hand!

Stefan IJmker
The Netherlands

At 12/4/06, 7:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Vern!

I've had extensive visits with Peter, first at Harvard for two full days, then later ar Rice University with Matt Bundle for about the same time. Peter actually did a full day seminar here in Lisle in '02 as well.

When Mel Siff first put the JAP study on his forum back in '01, I felt obligated to 'go to the source' as you've noted. It's always a good idea to make sure the we've correctly grasped the implications of the research.

ps Kevin McGill contacts me quite regularly! I wish he were back at LYNX!

Ken Jakalski
Lisle HS


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