England FA In-Service

In my continual quest to gather more frequent flyer miles that I will probably never be able to use because award seats are never available, (That is a story for another blog) I am off to England today. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be doing an In-Service workshop for the English Football Association (Real football – Soccer for the uninitiated that still think the Super Bowl is super). This is for Fitness coaches of professional teams. It will be at Loughborough University. Should be a fun opportunity, I am honored to be invited, also will be able to spend the rest of the week catching up with some old friends.


At 5/5/08, 7:18 AM, Blogger Steve's Club said...

Not sure what happened, but I was unable to view your blog posts for the last week or so. I assumed you closed it down. Disappointed is an understatement. Anyway, glad your back in action and your blog is working fine now. Thanks for continuing to share your insight and knowledge with us on a daily basis. Great job Vern!

Steve Liberati


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