Prisoners of Gravity – The Movie

Coming soon to a theater near you, in the best film noir tradition, is the latest blockbuster movie by Broken Body Productions. The main characters are compelling and will capture your imagination. The lead character and the villain is MR GRAVITY. The good guy is THE BODY, that magnificent self organizing and problem solving movement genius. Appearing in a crucial supporting role, THE GROUND, is terra firma where we live, work and play. The plot is quite intricate and will have you holding your breath while sitting on the edge of your seat. THE BODY is trying to move faster, higher and stronger in the best Olympic tradition. In order to do that it must learn to effectively cheat that evil villain, MR GRAVITY, by fooling it with training tricks that enable to use THE GROUND as his friend. After all THE BODY knows that he must use THE GROUND as a launching pad. The spellbinding chase scene follows THE BODY on the functional path journey down one way streets, through red lights around blind corners to a spectacular ending. To find out the ending you will need to join us on our travel down the functional path – safe travels.


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