Abu Dhabi - The last two days

I am writing this blog 38,000 feet over Iran on my way back to the US. The trip to Abu Dhabi to work with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council was a great experience. Just getting the opportunity to spend six days with Kelvin Giles and Michael Dalgleish was worth the trip. I learned so much more about the application of the Athletic Profile, how to adapt it and use it help prescribe exercises. The opportunity to work in a different culture and a different sport culture is always eye opening. There is much potential if they take their time, emphasize the correct sports and don’t get impatient. The pictures are from physical education classes we observed on Thursday at two schools: The first was the girls Alafaq Model School and the second was the Al Ameen Normal school a boy’s public school. These were impressive lessons taught by very well trained professionals. At the girls school two of the three PE teachers trained in Egypt, the other trained in Sudan. The woman who was the supervisor of PE also trained in Egypt. At the boys school the PE teachers were women who were all trained in Egypt. The girls were aged six to nine. The boys were aged nine to thirteen. The boy’s class was large, eighty boys taught by one woman teacher. It started with a warm-up using the ABC Ladder. Great discipline and concentration. Both schools only had PE once a week. One of our recommendations was to have at least four lessons and if possible five. Later in the week when I get over the jet lag I will post some video of these two lessons.


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