Learning Styles

I have just started working with a Beach Volleyball team. The two players are great athletes and it was very productive session. However on my home from the workout I could not help but reflect on the two entirely different learning styles they have and how I must be constantly aware of that in my coaching instructions. One responds quickly to verbal instruction, no doubt an auditory learner. The other does not; she needs to see the movement, a visual learner. She was struggling with a med ball exercise and did not get it until I drew the pattern of the movement in the sand. As coach my style tends to be auditory, I talk too much. It reminded me of something Dr Harabedian told us in PE 30A at Fresno State in February 1965. This is a great paradigm to remember (parenthesis are my words), it covers all learning styles. He instructed us to always:

Talk it - (Auditory)

Chalk it - (Visual)

Walk it - (Kinesthetic)


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