Over the past several months I have had a lot of questions about Kettlebell training. The dialog was usually something like this – Have you heard about Kettlebell training? After I answered yes it was usually followed by a comment like this - I have heard it is fantastic, a really great work out, it really gets you tired! There are certainly no secret Russian methods here, just another method that has been around for a hundred years. It was a method that was used extensively, fell out of favor and has been rediscovered, much like medicine ball training. I was exposed to the use of kettlebells when I first started coaching. They were used extensively by the European athletes (not just the Russians) in the javelin and the hammer throw. The problem was that we did not have kettlebells readily available to use in this country. It has only been the past several years that they are readily available at prices that are affordable. Kettlebells are a viable method of training. Just like any method Kettlebell training is only effective when placed into the context of a comprehensive training program. In dong some research on good sources of information on Kettlebell training I came across this book A Complete Guide to Kettlebell Exercises and Training by Lisa Shafer (NoFearFitness.com). It is clearly illustrated and easy to follow. No Russian double speak just some good information. I personally incorporate Kettlebells as parts of progressions in various strength and power modules. It really depends on the sport and the level of the athlete. I view it as an advanced training method that you need to progress toward. It is certainly is not something I would use with beginners.


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