Intellectual Vampires

This is a term that is a favorite of one of my mentors Dr Joe Vigil. An intellectual vampire is a person who sucks you dry of ideas and then claims those ideas for themselves. This is a phenomenon that I see more and more in the younger generation. There is a shameless stealing of ideas without the thought of giving proper credit. The intellectual vampires have caused me to be much more reticent about openly sharing of ideas that I have worked to perfect. On the other hand the intellectual vampirism has caused to me be even more aware of giving proper credit to the people that inspired me and openly shared their ideas.


At 11/12/07, 4:45 PM, Anonymous Bryan Baldridge said...

Vern -

My Dad turned me on to your site a few months ago and I check it out regularly. I love that you post other peoples articles and thoughts, and of course you give them credit. In my opinion the internet is a beautiful and wonderful opportunity to share ideas and information.

Two problems I've noticed (one of which you've mentioned many times) are the lack of credentials for most providers, and the inability to actually locate good sources. I am always on the lookout for sites like yours that I can count on to provide me with good information with proper credit to the sources. I yearn for sites that will point me to the good information.

I'd love to provide a site that independently points people to the best available information. Unfortunately I don't have the time for such exploits. If I did it's uunlikely anyone would be able to find me, unless I paid Google to feature me in some way.


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