Training Secrets

I received the following as part of much longer email hyping training secrets.

A 92.9% Discount…From “the God of All Coaches”


But now I'm ready to reveal all. I'm ready to tell you what works to turn an athlete like you into a world-class medal winner -- and I'm ready to do it for next to nothing.

How could you pass up a 92% discount? It actually makes me question the validity of the material and the original price. This is where the skeptic quickly becomes a cynic. If there is god of all coaches I certainly have not met him or her. This kind of hype has no place, in fact it does a disservice. I ordered a booklet from this outfit a couple of years ago, that is why I am on their list, and it was disappointing at best. It was hyped as the latest research, but in fact it was not research based at all. It is this hype and marketing that is cluttering the field with noise, causing confusion and misleading people. I recognize that everyone has a right to make a living, but put out a good product that has substance. Thus kind of hype smacks of snack oil salesmen. If you believe this I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale at a special price.

The secret is there are no secrets. Systematic planned and directed work is the secret.


At 11/8/07, 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11/8/07, 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with Anonymous's post.

I have found Vern's work very different, much more holistic, stimulating, and substantive. The approach he writes about isn't quick and easy, nor cookie cutter. It requires thought, analysis, and a keen sense of purpose. Coming from a liberal arts background, I appreciate the integration of critical thinking and a diverse range of sources. as a fourteen year veteran in the classroom, I value and respect the incorporation of brain research and current theories of how people learn.



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