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In response to my post on entitlement there was the following response:

Seems it should be less about age category and more of a focus on quality experience. There are quite a few younger coaches out there who have a lot of quality experience and there are plenty of older coaches (been around for over 10 years) who are horrible.

Does this mean that the older coaches have 'paid their dues'? Not sure I believe so.

Vern would love to get even more clarity on your opinion!

Glad to. You are right this is not completely about age. There are coaches my age who have had one experience many times. I abhor that as much as the young coaches who want it now. Quality experiences (plural) are important. In regard to paying dues I really can only speak for myself and the coaches I interact with. Paying your dues is important. When I hear coaches that have five or ten years experience asking for a pay raise because they have been on the job for x years, I get upset. What have you done? What have you contributed to the profession? You cannot have it now. I know how I have grown and learned from successes and mistakes. There is no substitute for this. I feel it is a stepwise process, much the same as developing an athlete.One of the best degrees I have is from the school of hard knocks!


At 8/13/07, 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you about paying dues. That can be such a different experience for every coach but I think the thoughtful practicioner knows if he/she has paid the price.

Twenty five years in for me and I keep paying in, getting so much more back as a result! Your athletes, colleagues and competitors will let you know if you are providing quality experiences for athletes which must happen if you are doing things right.

Glen Graham
Cleveland Hill HS

At 8/13/07, 1:11 PM, Blogger Eric said...

I neat read for those considering the role of experience and performance:


At 8/13/07, 3:57 PM, Anonymous tlanger said...


I agree with your sentiment about paying your dues; however, one interesting thought is that wisdom ISN'T always about learning from your own mistakes, but rather learning from other peoples as well! I’ve taken A LOT of pearls of wisdom from people like yourself and it’s allowed me to reach my goals quicker…sure I still run into the occasional wall and make mistakes, but at a higher conceptual level or in other words you raised the baseline for people willing to open their eyes….

Todd Langer


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