Perry O’Brien

I just found that Perry O’Brien died at age 75.He was one of my heroes. This guy was a real pioneer several counts. He was the first man to throw 60 feet in the shot put. He revolutionized the technique of the event by starting with his back to the direction of the throw executing what is now called the O’Brien technique. He was one of the first athletes to systematically use weight training to improve his performance. This guy was a competitor. I got to help officiate the shot put competition my senior year in high school at the Santa Barbara Easter Relays, that was a lesson in how to compete. He also was a good enough athlete to lead off the sprint relay when he was in college at USC. Reading his obituary certainly brought back a flood of memories of the glory days of Track & Field


At 4/23/07, 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parry O'Brien indeed a pioneer. He revolutionized the "O'Brien glide" as an accepted way to throw the 16 pound shot put.


At 4/24/07, 8:49 AM, Anonymous pmchugh said...

I just heard that he died at a swim meet. He apparently became a competitive swimmer after having to give up shot putting because of joint pain. He truly was a life long athlete.


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