Globalization or Homogenization

Thomas Friedman has been on various interview programs quite often lately. Of course his concept is one of globalization. I agree with the concept, but last night when I was watching an interview with him it struck me that in the United Sates what we have is homogenization. I am currently in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, last week I was in Buffalo, the week before that is Nashville and Richmond, Virginia. Frankly if the area code had not changed I am not sure I would have known where I am. All the malls have the same stores, which carry the same products, the restaurants have the same menus, and the bookstores all carry the same books. I am not sure if this is real progress or not. I guess I long for the day of the corner grocery store, the small specialty bookstore. I know you can’t turn back the clock but is this really progress? Meanwhile I am off to Panera for lunch and then Barnes& Noble to buy the New York Times National Edition and then catch a flight to Indianapolis.


At 4/22/07, 4:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we live in a world of franchise.

At 4/23/07, 1:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How was the service? Did B&N have your paper in stock, if not where they willing to find it?

Was the bread fresh, the soup hot and the cashier smiling? Nothing worse than a tired unhappy cashier. I know those owners at PB are happy $ smiling.

True success comes from a combination of Vision and Strategy.


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