Visions of Eight

I have been searching for the 1972 Olympic film “Visions of Eight” Does anyone know where it can be purchased? One of the eight segments called “The Fastest” is absolutely spectacular, possibly the best sprint footage ever, a terrific teaching toll.

The Fastest. Kon Ichikawa (Japan). "The men who compete in the 100 meter final cover the distance in about ten seconds. To catch this fleeting moment I used 34 cameras and 20,000 feet of film. I feel this race somewhat represents the modern human existence. I wanted to expose this." In stunning use of slow motion footage, 22 year old Valery Borzov of the Soviet Union wins the gold; Robert Taylor of the United States takes silver; and Lennox Miller of Jamaica, captures the bronze medal. 6:00.


At 1/26/07, 9:06 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Vern- Give me your thoughts on Borzov please. To me, he never did beat the best (i.e. Steve Williams, Harvey Glance, Houston McTear, Ivory Crockett et al).

At 3/8/07, 1:38 PM, Blogger lithoguy said...


I have this video in my personal collection. Please let me know if you are still searching for it.



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