De Paul Basketball Bench Press

Amazing how a stupid exercise like the Bench Press can generate comments. Read the article again and put the Bench Press in the context of what the basketball coach wants, not what Tim wants. Tim certainly knows and I know he believes the bench press is a throw away exercise for most sports. In this case it is something the coach wants and most importantly believes in. In most situations just getting basketball to train is a huge battle, a battle that Tim has fought during his whole time at De Paul. Now the coach is behind him, so why compromise the whole program by fighting a battle over the bench press. Look at everything else they are doing. Also unfortunately, it is something the athletes relate to. First you must appease the coach and capture the athlete. This is the reality of DI strength and conditioning today. I know Jim Radcliffe faces the same situation in Football at University of Oregon. He does not believe in the bench press but he does it because the coaches understand it. But it is not a focus exercise.


At 11/7/06, 9:38 AM, Blogger KP said...


Keeping my fingers crossed that we might see an upcoming interview with Jim Radcliffe and/or Rob Rogers (who I the luck to work with for three years).

At 11/7/06, 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No doubt that Tim is doing a good job with his team despite the head coach's cluelessness on training but what are young hoopsters and their coaches going to focus on after reading the article...we need to do a lot of bench pressing. The cycle will just continue.

I have a hard time giving into team coaches attitudes and thoughts on training when I know there is a better way. I guess that is partially why you no longer work with the Mets and I have a solo practice.



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