The Recipe or the Cook

I will use a cooking analogy to illustrate the training process. I can take a recipe from one of the finest chefs in the world and try to make an elaborate thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately no matter how hard I try, even with the exact ingredients my meal will not be the same, probably not five star quality. Why? Very simple if it was just about the recipe. I could obtain a book with champions workouts go out to the field, track or weight room, give the workout and magic instant champion’s! It's not that simple.The secret is not in the recipe it is in the chef. In our world the coach is the key, we all have our own recipes, I can give you my recipe book, in fact I have on my web site, but I doubt if the results will be exactly the same. For me the coach is the key – the feeling, the intuition of when to push, when to cut back, that is not written in the recipe. You acquire that by practice, by watching and learning. It is almost a sixth sense that you develop. Each individual and each team is different. You must start with a good recipe, but you must have the highest quality ingredients, the oven at the correct temperature, you must cook it for the exact amount of time, you must stand over the stove and pay close attention to what you are doing. Building an athlete is not a microwave meal.


At 11/22/07, 10:42 AM, Blogger Huw said...

Hi Really glad to see you using this good analogy - as a (sometime) coach educator here in the UK I use baking a cake myself versus a well-known celebrity chef, and saying that even if I used their book my cake would be at best edible, hers would be perfect. Lots of the candidates want to think that if you give them a decent set of workouts they will become good coaches and this is a great way of showing the truth!
Huw Davies

At 11/28/07, 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this analogy because it is becoming my motto in Athletic Training. As an Athletic Trainer you can do the same exercises for every athlete but is really the personal touches you as the chef put into each athlete which makes it work and turn out perfect. Thanks for putting this out there, its nice to see that someone else thinks my way! Becca-


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