Exuberant Animal

I am only about 55 pages into this book given to me by the author, Frank Forencich,so far it is really thought provoking and I am sure it will continue to be. Here are two quotes that really resonated with me in light of the neutral spine/drawing in phenomenon.

“Modern fitness and exercise science bludgeons us with an overwhelming flood of data, clinical studies and research results. From this perspective, fitness often seems like something that is almost impossible to do right. But if we look at it from the point of view of the opportunistic primate, we see that fitness is something that is almost impossible to do wrong. If we move consistently and vigorously, our bodies are going to remain substantially healthy. (Page 53)

“Don’t get lost in details of expert training practices. Instead, give yourself a diversity of physical challenges throughout the day. Do some strength work, a little endurance training, some balance and agility. Grab movement opportunities in the mundane activities of your life.” (Page 55)


At 2/23/07, 1:02 PM, Anonymous William Kirousis said...

Sounds like an amazing book! thanks for spreading the word.

At 2/25/07, 10:48 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

Vern, your comments please on the latest fad: vibration training. Thanks.


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