We are Marshall

There is a GSTS connection to the movie which will be in the theaters tomorrow. Jon Haskins, (Picture of Jon executing a Med Ball throw) whom I have worked with since his junior year in high school on through to professional football and a member of the exclusive breakfast club, was the person who orchestrated all the football scenes in the movie. As an aside Jon and I have just completed a new DVD - Faster Forty that is available for purchase on the web site. What really impressed me about his research was that he had the coaches were wearing Spotbuilt shoes, standard coaching footwear for the Sixties and early seventies. From the previews and the reviews he did a great job!

Jon describes what he did for the movie:

Casting the doubles for the actors (the ones actually playing football)

Recruiting the additional football players (usually around 80 players)

Reading and evaluating the scripts for historical accuracy, overall sequence validity, dialogue inconsistencies, and feasibility (with the various options for how to most effectively tell the story, with or without cost-effectiveness).

Choreographing the sports (football) scenes

Directing / coaching the players on the set when we are shooting and in practice sessions.

Assisting the set decorators on anything from “what a locker room would look like….or a coaches office……..or how to set up the game field……..or the practice field…….etc. etc.”

Essentially we are there to expedite the shooting process………..either providing the highest quality of content with no discrepancies….or speeding the capturing process as fast as possible……..on our last movie, the football scenes averaged 1.4 million dollars per day…….every second matters, whether we save it or spend it.

Here is the trailer for the movie:http://www.apple.com/trailers/wb/wearemarshall/trailer1/


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