False Step /Plyo Step

I really do not want to get into a pissing contest on this one. My stance is based on biomechanical research not anecdotal opinion. When I say we researched this with the White Sox, we commissioned Dr Lois Klatt from Concordia University, to do a biomechanical analysis of the three first step scenarios. One of the scenarios was the false step, it is not more efficient! The first step action that results in displacement of the center of gravity in the intended direction is far superior. The plyo step gives the perception of a faster movement but it DOES NOT RESULT IN DIPLACEMNT OF THE CENTER OF GRAVITY IN THE INTENDED DIRECTION! A false step can be used, as I pointed out in certain tactical situations to position the body, gain dept or serve as a deceptive mechanism. Frankly coaching someone out of the false is very natural if you correctly place their hip in relation to the base of support. The bottom line is that I want me center of gravity moving in the intended direction as soon as possible! Please show me the scientific reserach to refute this?


At 12/21/06, 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did not mean for my little comment about LT to create this much buzz but it is interesting. As Vern says I would like to see some research. There was nothing about intended trickery on LT's false step and I did not see it on a couple other handoffs he took but did not see much of the game.


At 12/28/06, 3:25 AM, Blogger Roger White said...

Link to the PDF of the 2001 study.
Somehow in Lee's post, it was ignored he mentioned it was researched.


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