Is Sprint Technique Training Necessary?

Stefan Ijmker wrote: “Some Mass-spring model adherents say that technique training should be dropped. (for example look at www.bearpowered.com). Is this controversial?”
I do not know if it is controversial, but I need to see what their reasoning is. If they mean what we traditionally consider technique training, endless Mach Drills done incorrectly then I would agree. I need to go that site and read their argument. Here is another exapmle of words and the meaning of words. What is exactly meant by technique training in the sprints? One thing that I do know is that running fast or slow is a motor skill, because it is a motor skill it is subject to the laws of motor learning. I will keep an open mind and look at their argument.


At 11/20/06, 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

regarding words:

technique training: all actions directly related to improving form (what we can observe). For example training for faster limb speed, training for pawback etc.

the form shown which an athlete shows might be caused by force application, instead of that form (technique) influences force application.

This is their main point

Stefan IJmker
Haarlem, the Netherlands

At 11/21/06, 1:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Techniquetraining is also for things we can NOT see, musle tension for example.
Muscle tension is needed to apply force. So technique training has big influence on force application.

The problem with these "bearpowered" articles is that it look at limbs as dead swinging bodies but a leg is not a dead swinging body.

At 11/21/06, 6:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@anonymous: if we cannot see them (the effects of technique), how do you evaluate wheter your time spend on training them was worth it?

Why is a leg not a dead swinging body? What is your rationale for this quote? Is limb repositiong in the air a volitional or a reflexive type movement (due to ground reaction forces)?


At 11/24/06, 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can you explain how the the quality of groundreactionforce can NOT be a result of technique (like the bearpower people say).
Also explain why the work of so many good scientists (like for v Ingen Schenau, Duch like you) is wrong or irrelevant for running.

I try to read the Bosch book, but I read something completly different from what you "quote" from them. Maybe you just do not understand their concept.


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