Heavy Weights

Over the past several weeks I have received several questions regarding lifting heavy weights. Actually they have been more like statements, they usually go something like this - "I know you use a functional approach so you must not believe in lifting heavy."WRONG, I believe that you use the mode and method of strength training that is appropriate for your sport. If you play football or are a thrower in track that there are times when you must lift heavy. You would be remiss if you did not, but the key is how often and when. Most people lift too heavy too often. Maximal strength is one of the easiest qualities to attain and maintain. My other point and perhaps the most the most important is that you must prepare to lift heavy. Young high school age boys can lift heavy heavy without preparation because they are secreting buckets of testosterone, but that does not mean they should. They must prepare to lift. A patient progressive approach will ensure good sound long term development that is injury free. Stay away from canned programs that ensure results, they get results but the cost is high.


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