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There is a lot of fancy equipment available on the market. Some of it is very fancy, very “high tech,” and very expensive. It has to be expensive to pay for the guru endorsers. I have a problem with all of this. Equipment is not the answer. Once you pay a couple of thousand for a piece of equipment or gadgets then you feel obligated to use it. You end up using it if it is appropriate to use or not. I saw this with a laser treatment device. Because it coast $20,000 plus everybody was hooked up to it. It may have been appropriate for one person, not everyone. The Mets made the same mistake a couple of years with an underwater treadmill. Because it cost so much money they used it for everything. It was not appropriate for many of the situations it was used for. That does not mean it was a bad piece of equipment, but because it cost so much there was a sense of obligation to use it. We need to think and analyze. I have worked for and with equipment companies, but my approach has always been to educate as to how and when to use something. Over the years I have found less is more. The farther away you get from the body the less effective the training will be. I know with confidence that I can equip a top notch training/rehab facility for around $50,000. There is not much glitz and glamour but I know people will get better! My garage will never be on the cover of Sport Illustrated!


At 5/31/06, 8:41 AM, Blogger Joe P. said...

"Energy Medicine" is alive & well up here in the northeast U.S. They LOVE those cold lasers boy. That and those electrical devices that you walk around with to "destroy free radicals". And you had better not place an ice pack on a sprained ankle or recommend an NSAID for pain & swelling, because inhibiting prostaglandins is BAD. Heat packs, cold laser, & megadoses of vitamins is the way to go.

At 5/31/06, 9:02 AM, Blogger sportsmedguy23 said...

Would you be willing to show us some pictures of your garage. I know it may never be on the cover of SI but I think there are many of us who might enjoy seeing the facility in which you get the great results you get. I have long thought it would be easy to open a facility and completely equip it for 50,000 or less. just my 2 cents. thanks.



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