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My friend Patrick McHugh at North Shore Country Day school asked me to comment on the article in the May 29 issue of Sports Illustrated on Carson Palmers rehab. First of all he is obviously highly motivated to come back from the injury. That is positive. Many athletes have come back from those injuries. Is a September 10 return realistic? Without knowing all the details, but based on my experience, not very realistic. The best healer is time. Successful surgery does not mean successful return to play. It is also important to point out that as a professional athlete all he has to do is rehab. That is his job. He can spend as many hours a day as necessary without restrictions. That can often speed the process. One word of caution based on two pictures in the article. Using the underwater treadmill is fine to an extent, but you must relearn to use the ground. You can film gait as much as you want underwater, but there is no limb acceleration and deceleration. Secondly he is pictured doing leg extensions. I thought that exercise went out with Jefferson Airplane. That will cause problems. Extensions cause excessive torque at the knee. Single leg squats are preferred. The bottom line is the jury is out and time will tell.

For any of you interested in knee rehab in my opinion the most progressive person doing rehab today is Bill Knowles at Vermont Orthopaedic Clinic. Bill had an excellent article in Training and Conditioning Magazine www.momentummedia.com on knee rehab in one of the recent issues.


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I live about 1 hour from Cincy have been trying to follow this since his first injury. I will admit that I missed the SI article. I am not sure what the Bengals have been doing with him. I learned last Fall when the team was in training camp that he was still wearing a huge brace to prevent reinjury of his knee that he injured 9 months earlier or so. It was suppose to have been a minor injury. I predicted on Sportstalk radio that he would blow it again and I hate to say I was right. I am assumming that the folks at the Human Performance Lab at local Children's Hospital are not doing any of the rehab. They do a great job. As a Bengals fan I do not like the way this is going. Like Vern says, we need to stay tuned.



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